All Writers Start Out Writing Terrible Things

Novelty Revisions

You’re about ready to quit. Give up. Throw your work-in-progress in the virtual trash.

Why should you even bother writing a book, anyway? You’re no good at this. Every sentence you read back feels like you’re trying too hard. What’s the point?

Have you ever had these thoughts? I have. Impostor syndrome aside, I often struggle to determine whether or not what I’m working on is “good enough” to even be considered for publishing.

The good news is, this is normal. No, seriously. At some point, every writer worries their words don’t make any sense.

Need some encouragement? Here it is: You might totally suck at writing at the moment. Or not. But that’s OK, because at some point along the way, we all do.

We all start out not really sure how storytelling works, at least beyond what we’ve read in books or seen on TV. Our stories are…

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  •    Manoeuvring to the appex     

    You are unstoppable generation. It’s what is in you that vows for positivity. Everyone is capable of doing everything.  It’s you who is giving yourself boundaries by the way you think. Here the dawn comes of exuding what you have explored. Be vicious in the way you tuckle problems.


  • Commitment –its of great importance to be dedicated and committed to resolve for goodness. It’s not wisdom that makes you gather for useless materials. You should take charge of yourself because noone is keen to. Even the steward takes time to take the livestock to the river but he’s not able to force them to drink water. My friend lectures, counsellors and teachers can take you through the hardship for the betterment of your day of exam but they can’t write the exam for you
  • Stop fearing the unknown my advisor aptly said- fear has oppressed so many souls. Some of brilliant minds have gone to grave untamed or utilised because the bearers of such capable minds intimidated by fear.